Remake of Fractured PFZ Crown with Full Feldspathic Crown


Introduction to the case

An interesting case of a bad initial prosthetic choice. Vital incisor crowned after fracture at 18 yrs old. The neighboring incisor tooth has a thin incisal margin, a very deep palatal concavity, and a quite flat labial wall. In this case, a crown is the worst choice because you will have a problem to find the correct space for lab work. The best choice is a veneer. But now we have this problem. Patient presents asking for a new crown, complaining about the thickness of the current crown, chipping of the incisal edge, bleeding gums, and the difference in height between the central incisors. After removing the crown, there was a vertiprep with a buccal undercut, open margin, horizontal over-contouring, and invasion of soft tissues. I decided for a full adhesive veneer (little space for lab, less than 1 mm) and I decided to put my finish line by probing the healthy neighboring tooth and wait for the gums to follow my prep. After one week everything looks fine!