Submit Your Case

How can I submit a case?

There are a few options:

  • If your case was previously posted somewhere else, like DentalTown or a blog, you can just link to it and we’ll work on putting it up on the site.

  • If your case is already in a PowerPoint/Keynote file to present, you can just send that and we can extract the photos and captions for you.

  • If all you have are pictures, the best way to send a case is to put the pictures into a Word document with captions underneath the pictures, and we’ll extract the photos and captions. Click here to see an example template.

Email your case to Be sure to include a photo of yourself!

If your file is too large, you can upload it to our Dropbox by clicking this link: Upload to Dropbox

Or upload it to your Google Drive and link us to it in the email.

What about privacy requirements?

We understand that patient privacy is a priority for dentists and dental students, and we have built Dental Case of the Day to reflect that. We allow our users, the dentists and dental students, to identify their own name, location, and other information about themselves.

However, no images or videos on our service have patient identifying details, such as names or full-face photos. Because of this, the images and videos from the cases do not fall under privacy regulations such as HIPAA in the United States.

All cases that are uploaded are manually reviewed to ensure all identifying information has been properly removed before it is displayed on Dental Case of the Day.

What kind of cases can I submit?

You can submit any case content you like under any specialty or procedure. There is no case that is too simple or too complex.

I don’t feel my case is good enough.

There is no such as thing as not good enough! We’re all trying to improve our skills and teach others. Learning from our mistakes will make us all better dentists. Don’t let your pride get in the way, no one started off as an expert. By sharing your case you’re committing to improving your skills and getting the feedback of other dentists.

Can I post anonymously?

Yes, you can post anonymously if you wish. However, everyone respects someone who stands by their work, especially if they are actively trying to get better through feedback.