Anterior Composite Buildup Using Bioclear Matrices

Introduction to the case

This is my 2nd Bioclear case, just looking for feedback again from all you bondadontists. This one is more Doc Terry style.

91 y.o. male, didn’t like how worn his teeth were.

Filtek SU and Beautifil flow+ again.

It’s a lot of composite, but at age 91 I may have time on my side. You can’t tell from the pictures but the “crowns” are very thick, which I hope will compensate for the lack of posterior occlusion.

Still figuring out the technique. Big thanks to Doc Terry for making it seem possible, in the past I would have told him he needed RCT/post/crowns or a denture. This seems like a good compromise.


2 Year Old Rehab With Composite

Terry Shaw

General Dentist

Perth-Ando​ver, N.B, Ca​nada


Introduction to the case

This 50 year old patient was in today for a check-up on his teeth. I had not seen him for 20 months since we restored his lower teeth. We had restored his upper teeth 2 months previous to doing his lower teeth. He came from another neighboring dental office where they don’t do composite rehabs. He has been into this other office for several cleanings since we did his rehab but he smokes, loves his coffee and has lots of stain. Anyway I was wondering how he was making out with his new teeth and he was very satisfied. In his words “no pain or sensitivity or problems”. So I was quite happy with his rehab. His wife came as well and we knew each other from 30 years ago when my daughters and I were riding horses in the same horse club. There were a few air bubbles that I didn’t like and a small open margin that I repaired and that was all he needed to spiffy him up.