16yo Non-Compliant Ortho Patient with Large Anterior Carious Lesions

Jonathan Held

General Dentist

Sioux Falls, SD


Introduction to the case

16 year old female presented with full ortho maxilla and Mandible. Patient had been in ortho for 2 years. Patient had very poor oral hygiene and presented with generalized decay in posterior and anterior, as well as deep carious lesions around ortho brackets. I called referring orthodontist to discuss case and patient’s hygiene regimen. Orthodontist stated that patient’s ortho treatment plan would last at minimum another year if we continued treatment. We made the decision to discontinue orthodontic treatment to address deep decay and improve oral hygiene. A few posterior teeth with deeper decay were addressed first and then we addressed anterior teeth following prophylaxis and a few weeks of healing. Full extent of decay was visualized following removal of brackets. Treatment plan included restoring anterior teeth with composite restorations with future need for full coverage crowns once patient’s homecare improves. Patient was seen in one visit to remove maxillary anterior decay and restore with Filtec Supreme Ultra composite. Greater curve bands were used for all restorations. Pictures show pre-treatment and post treatment, with a 2 week follow-up.